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Thursday, May 20, 2010

It was then that I started peaking

I never really did drugs to a habitual point, I dabbled. And as I got older, the 1/8 Jewish blood in me really pushed its way to the forefront of my brain. Where most people just let the drugs take control of their brain like a taxi driver trying t0 get that next fare in with no regard for speed limits or the elderly, my brain really just wanted to contemplate grocery lists and if i had any direction at all in life. Or would I get swept up in a drug bust and to go to jail? And if so who would it be? The fuzz? FBI or CIA or KGB, maybe Gestapo? My trips were less Tom Petty and more Cannibal Corpse with a hint of Seinfeld. Anymore, the only drug I do is caffeine. Mind you, I wouldn't blow a guy for a cup of coffee like the more dedicated junky might. But at this point, 3 shots of espresso is as close as I'm getting to cocaine.

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is edwin a pedophile