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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop drop and roll doesn't work when your hearts on fire

I used to write love letters for other guys to girls I could never have. Girls that made a face that is indicative of the smelling of exotic cheeses or a rugby team fresh off the playing field when I'd come around. I liked that I facilitated pubescent love and that I did so with the sentiments I picked up from watching Days Of Our Lives with my mom.

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hellofacey said...

Will you write one for me from Grant? Ah shucks what's the point if I know you're writing it. I have your handwriting and mastery of word skills memorized like the palm of his hand. So it wouldn't work even if you typed it. I'd know it was a Lucas forge.'Send Me a Postcard'. Like Shocking Blue sang. I need words of comfort right now. Love always your Bayou Princess, Muffaletta Queen of the Delta.